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BBW (34) recherche Homme Paris, Île-de-France, France

Hello there I am kind of new to the area and to this life style, the true is I have always know I am very submissive in bed but sometimes it is hard to find someone to find the right balance, hence I thought why not give this a try, we are all a bit crazy in our own way.
Just for full disclosure, I am a bit overweight if you havent been able to tell from my pictures, so if you are not into that well better move along.
So I am pretty open minded, will do most of the things as long as it is safe and fun, I am real sub but never had had a master before, I have done some amateur bondage but never to much but always wanted to try it. Never been with more than one men but always have wanted to do so too, so hey there I am an open book to have fun with.
People that know me will never guess I have this kinky side to this nerdy side of me but maybe you guys will get to know it, so sorry for not face pics lets start talking and rolling and you will get to see it in person.
I am currently looking for guys around my age I am new to this life style and I need a smooth introduction by guys not so much older than me, so sorry daddies I am not for you yet, let me get the handle of it an maybe one day I can, same with ladies, I am sure I am pretty straight but who knows once I start getting to know more stuff I can go wild but not for the moment so daddies and girls or couples dont loose your time or energy with me until I am ready for it :p
That being said if you are a group of guys and you have friends that are up to some fun with me why not :p

Hope that helps :) so lets start talking

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Appartenance ethniqueLatino / Hispanique
Meilleur atoutPoitrine
Art CorporelTatouage visible
Taille de soutien-gorge44 / 100
Taille de bonnetD


Je préfère:Intelligent, Humour, Savoir-faire exceptionnel, Empathie, Personnalité hors norme, Spontanéité, Esprit vif

Activités sexuelles

Sexe estToujours dans mon esprit
La plus de partenaires à la fois:Uniquement un à un
Propos osésça m'excite
La vie nocturne:Cinémas pour adultes, Soirées échangistes, Rave parties, Rassemblements intimes chez moi, Films, Un dîner

Intérêts sexuels

CybersexeNon, j'ai besoin de réalité
Sexe Oral estC'est OK, mais je préfère la pénétration
Sexe anal estDu fun parfois
Jouets sexuels:Stimulateur clitoridien, Godes/Vibromasseurs, Oeufs/balles vibrantes
La taille compteParfois, cela dépend de la personne
"Sans Limite":no limit